How To Get Into Canada With A DUI

People make many mistakes, especially when they are young. It's just somehow written in the human nature to commit mistakes and to learn from each of them throughout the entire life. But, unfortunately, some of them don't only cause trauma and regrets, but also leave a stain in the criminal record and affect you in the future.

Perhaps now you are a man with a well-established career and family. But when you were younger, you might have been convicted for DUI. This is something that you probably haven't shared with many people. Some feel ashamed of this mistake and are afraid that people might judge them, even if many years have passed ever since.

No matter how much you would like to forget that part of your past, it's important to know that DUI convictions will prevent you from traveling to Canada. It doesn't matter whether you will want to travel for pleasure or really need to get there for business purposes. If you don't do the right thing, you will simply be denied entry.


That is really unpleasant, especially if you are traveling with family members, coworkers or friends who don't know about your DUI history. That's why you need to prepare. If you are wondering how to get into Canada with a DUI and if that is even possible, relax. It is possible if you do a bit of planning.

You need to apply properly and to obtain the permission to enter the country. This is not an easy process. It involves paperwork and it's compulsory to have a specialist on your side to get things right, otherwise you might easily miss your chance.

If you only want to travel there for a few days and nothing more, the TRP is what you need. TRP stands for Temporary Resident Permit and it allows you to stay for a certain while there. If you are rather looking for a permanent solution, which will allow you to avoid getting the TRP in the future, you need Criminal Rehabilitation. This is like forgiveness for your DUI. Remember that the DUI needs to have happened at least five years ago to receive this type of pardon. If you have a single DUI, which occurred more than 10 years ago, go for deemed rehabilitation.

Things might vary form one situation to another and it's a complete waste of time to try to obtain permission on your own. Look for a competent lawyer and things will fall into place soon. Then you can really forget about your past mistakes.

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